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OGUZ | NL 2024 #03

Navigating the frontiers of techno

  • 15 April 2024
OGUZ | NL 2024 #03

Embark on a journey like no other as we delve into the extraordinary career and life of OGUZ in this exclusive interview with Mixmag.

From the clandestine depths of Amsterdam’s illegal raves to the pinnacle of the international Techno scene, OGUZ’s story is a mesmerizing odyssey of passion, perseverance, and sonic innovation.

Join us as we unravel the layers of his musical evolution, explore his upcoming ventures, and discover the driving force behind his magnetic presence in the world of electronic music.


From the vibrant depths of illegal raves in Amsterdam to the pulsating heart of the international Techno scene, OGUZ’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of electronic music. Drawing inspiration from his earliest memories on the dancefloor, OGUZ shares how his dual identity as both a raver and a creator has shaped his musical path.

“My journey into electronic music began on the vibrant, underground dance floors of Amsterdam. From a young age, I was captivated by the pulsating rhythms and the
communal energy of the illegal raves. It was a world that felt more like home to me than anywhere else. Yet, even as I revelled in the collective experience of thedancefloor, I felt a pull towards the stage. The desire to curate those moments, to be the architect of the
night’s energy, was irresistible."

"This dual identity as both a raver and a creator has profoundly shaped my musical path. Remaining an avid raver at heart keeps me deeply connected with my audience. It’s this connection that drives my creativity, allowing me to craft experiences that are not just heard but are felt. My early days on the dancefloor have instilled in me an understanding of what truly moves people, guiding me as I navigate the vast and meverchanging landscape of electronic music.”


Delving into his upcoming projects, OGUZ offers insights into his highly anticipated main album a testament to the human spirit, crafted from the depths of personal experiences. With themes of resilience and triumph, this release promises to transport listeners to new dimensions of emotion and introspection.

“There’s a lot on the horizon that I’m thrilled to share with my community. At the forefront is my main album, a project that represents not just a leap in my musical
journey but a deep dive into the essence of what drives us all. This album is an odyssey, a collection of soundscapes that I’ve crafted to resonate with the very coreof my experiences. Each track is a testament to the human spirit, designed to accompany listeners through their most intense moments, echoing the depth of
what it means to confront and overcome."

"The creation of this album has been an incredibly personal journey. It’s a narrative woven from my own life’s fabric, where I’ve transformed my deepest traumas and challenges into music. The process was as raw and real as it gets. I remember one night, lost in the flow of creation, I cut myself on one of the instruments. Yet, I continued, letting the music flow, quite literally, with my blood, sweat, and tears. This isn’t just a metaphor – it’s the truth of how some of these trackswere born. It’s a testament to the dedication and passion that fuels this work. This album is more than just music; it’s a sensory experience that I believe will transport listeners to another dimension. It’s an invitation to explore the depths of your emotions, to face your own battles and come out stronger on the other side. The themes we’ve delved into are universal – resilience, pain, triumph, and the indomitable will of the human spirit."

"My hope is that this album offers a sanctuary, a place where my fans can find solace, inspiration, and strength. It’s a celebration of what we can endure and overcome, and I can’t wait for everyone to embark on this journey with us. The road has been long, and it hasn’t been easy, but it’s been incredibly rewarding. And I promise the adventure that lies ahead is nothing short of extraordinary.”


OGUZ opens up about the influence of 808 STUDIOS—a thriving community that champions innovation in music and art. As the platform expands into fashion and live events, fans can expect a bold showcase at Extrema Festival, symbolizing the movement’s commitment to breaking boundaries.

“Launching 808 STUDIOS was a pivotal moment in my career, marking a significant shift in how I engage with my creative process. This initiative has transformed into a thriving community, a place where fans and emerging talents converge, driven by a shared passion for innovation in music and art. It’s more than just a brand; it’s a movement that champions the underrepresented gems of the music world. Each artist I’ve met and worked with through 808 STUDIOS has brought a unique perspective, enriching our collective creative pool and inspiring me in ways I hadn’t anticipated."

"As we look to the future, the vision for 808 STUDIOS is bold and expansive. We’re setting our sights beyond music production to include fashion and live events, creating a multidimensional platform for artistic expression. A highlight to look forward to is our showcase at Exrema, one of Belgium’s leading festivals, which symbolizes the first of many milestones we aim to achieve this year. This step represents the essence of 808 STUDIOS - breaking boundaries and elevating creative voices. Fans can expect this to be just the beginning, as we continue to grow and bring our unique flavour to new venues all over the world.”


In a world often swayed by hype, OGUZ shares his approach to prioritizing authenticity over trends, ensuring a genuine connection with his audience while navigating the demands of the music industry.

“In my approach to music, I prioritize authenticity and artistic integrity over conforming to industry hype. By focusing inward and remaining indifferent to fleeting trends, I ensure my work remains uniquely ‘OGUZ.’ This personal ethos not only shapes my music but also cultivates a genuine connection with my audience. I continuously seek to resonate with my own musical inclinations, offering listeners a distinct experience that reflects my inner world. Through this, I maintain a balance between staying true to my vision and navigating the complexities of the music industry.”


Reflecting on standout moments from his global tours, OGUZ recounts a poignant performance in Istanbul—a deeply personal homecoming that transcended cultural divides, underlining the universal power of music to unite.

“Among the myriad of cities and countless stages that have defined my global tours, there’s one experience that stands as a beacon of my journey, illuminating the essence of why I pursue this path. The night in Istanbul, at the Volkswagen Arena, is etched in my heart as the performance; it was a deeply personal homecoming, a celebration in the motherland with the most important person in my life present—my mother. Having her there, for the second time at the biggest show of my ,life, brought an unparalleled sense of completion and joy. It was a moment where my worlds collided, with the throbbing heart of the Techno scene as the backdrop and the tender eyes of a mother watching her son achieve his dreams."

"The emotional peak moment of that evening came when I played a special track from my album, a piece dedicated entirely to her. As the first notes pierced the air, the crowd, my friends, and the pulsating energy of Istanbul all faded into a backdrop for this intimate exchange between us. It was as though the music carried all my gratitude, love, and respect for her, weaving through the arena to create a private sanctuary of acknowledgement and pride. She has been my unwavering support, a beacon guiding me through the tumults of life and the music industry. To share that moment of success, to see the pride in her eyes, was a confirmation of one of my life’s most significant achievements—making her proud."

"This global journey, marked by incredible destinations and even more remarkable people, has been nothing short of extraordinary. From the vibrant streets of Paris to the energetic crowds of Berlin, each place has bestowed upon me unforgettable memories and lessons. Yet, the profound connection I felt on stage in Istanbul, bridging the cultural and geographical divides with my music, stands unparalleled. Sharing my sound across continents has been a privilege, a series of moments that have fostered deep, universal bonds with audiences worldwide. The power of music to unite and to celebrate our common humanity has never been more apparent to me than on that night in Istanbul, under the watchful eyes of my mother, surrounded by friends, enveloped in the love of my homeland.”


As a DJ and producer, OGUZ discusses the challenge of experimenting with fresh sounds while staying true to his artistic identity, teasing insights into his upcoming groove album—a journey into new sonic territories.

“Throughout my journey as a DJ and producer, the constant evolution of my sound has been both a challenge and a thrilling adventure. My goal has always been to offer listeners an unparalleled experience, something entirely new and unexpected, yet unmistakably mine. This drive to innovate while staying true to my unique artistic identity is at the core of everything I do. To achieve this, I delve into creating exclusive tracks, a repertoire that is distinctively OGUZ. This exclusivity ensures that when fans come to my shows, they’re not just attending another set; they’re part of a unique experience crafted just for them, where every track resonates with a sense of belonging and, appreciation."

"The key to navigating the fine line between experimentation and authenticity lies in my unwavering commitment to producing and playing music that reflects my genuine self. There’s an inherent joy in this process, a fulfilment that comes from knowing each piece of music is an authentic expression of my artistic journey. It’s impossible for me to enjoy, let alone release, something that doesn’t mirror my essence. My music is a reflection of my experiences, my emotions, and my personal evolution."

"In line with this philosophy, I’ve recently embarked on a project that represents a significant leap into new sonic territories—my groove album. This venture was born out of a magical stint in Catania, where the enigmatic vibe of secret groove sets ignited my inspiration. The album is a labour of love, a collection of tracks that distil the essence of those transformative experiences into sound. While I’m still contemplating the right moment for its release, what’s certain is that it will be shared on a highly limited and secretive scale."

"This project, like all my work, is an invitation to my audience to explore new dimensions of my sound, promising them an experience that’s not just heard but felt deeply, an experience that’s quintessentially OGUZ.”


Exploring the acclaim of his hits like “GOLDEN SZN” and “FC Horsepower,” OGUZ shares his perspectiveon navi gating the pressure to replicate success, emphasizing the importance of creative instinct and authenticity.

“The widespread acclaim of tracks like ‘GOLDEN SZN’ and ‘FC Horsepower’ can be attributed to their uniqueness and their role in shaping the current sound of the electronic music scene. The fact that these tracks have not only inspired people but also potentially changed lives is something that deeply touches me. Initially, the pressure to outdo these successes was daunting. However, I’ve come to realise that the key to navigating this pressure lies in staying true to my creative instincts. By following my heart and focusing on the joy of creation rather than the expectation of surpassing past achievements, I continue to evolve my music in a way that resonates with listeners and honours my artistic identity.”


Beyond music, OGUZ unveils his foray into fashion, offering fans a tangible connection to his artistic vision through a permanent design collection of rave wear—an extension of his ethos of self-expression.

“Diving into the world of fashion with a permanent design collection of rave wear is a natural extension of my artistic expression. Since my early days, fashion has been a significant part of my identity, much like music. It’s another canvas for me to channel my creativity and share my vision with the world. The launch of this fashion line through 808 STUDIOS is not just about introducing a series of designs; it’s about building a multi-dimensional brand and community that encapsulates everything I stand for. This venture represents a fusion of my passions, blurring the lines between music, fashion, and artistic expression, thereby offering a more holistic experience to my audience."

"The core idea behind my foray into fashion is to create a tangible connection with my fans by offering them a piece of my world. This collection is deeply personal, featuring pieces that I would wear myself, thereby giving fans a sense of closeness to my artistic journey. It’s about more than just clothing; it’s about embodying the energy and ethos of the rave culture that we cherish. Through this venture, I aim to reinforce the idea that artistic expression knows no bounds, and by extending my creative endeavours into fashion, I invite my community to experience and interact with my vision in new and exciting ways.”


Looking ahead to the 808 STUDIOS Showcase at Extrema Festival, OGUZ sets the stage for future showcases in 2025, emphasizing community, creativity, and innovation in electronic music and artistic experience.

“The 808 STUDIOS Showcase at Extrema Festival marks a significant milestone for us, where we’ll unveil the true essence of what 808 STUDIOS embodies—a harmonious blend of friends, family, and exceptionally talented artists. This event is not just a showcase; it’s a deeply personal project that I’ve been eagerly anticipating to share with the world. Attendees can ,expect a meticulously curated experience, one that transcends the traditional boundaries of music festivals to offer a unique, atmospherically rich environment. This showcase is a direct reflection of my vision for 808 STUDIOS, emphasizing the importance of community and creativity in crafting unforgettable moments."

"Looking towards the future, this showcase at Extrema Festival sets a solid foundation for what’s to come in 2025. The unique stage design and the immersive experience we’re creating serve as a blueprint for ,the evolution of our showcases. By introducing new concepts and engaging directly with our audience, we’re not only testing the waters but also cementing our commitment to innovation in electronic music and artistic experience. This event promises to be a pivotal moment, laying the groundwork for future showcases that will continue to expand our artistic horizons and deepen our connection with audiences around the globe.”


As OGUZ embarks on the next phase of his journey, he teases upcoming projects, collaborations, and personal goals, inviting audiences to join him on an exhilarating exploration of innovation and auditory experiences.

"As we look to the horizon, my journey is gearing towards offering an unprecedented experience, both in terms of the music I produce and the collaborations I embark on. My aim is to unveil the most authentic version of myself, providing a glimpse into the depths of my creativity and passion. This pursuit is about transcending conventional expectations and immersing audiences in a sonic landscape that’s not only memorable but also deeply personal. My team and I are in the midst of crafting something truly unique, blending unexpected collaborations with my signature sound to forge connections that resonate on a profound level."

"The future is ripe with possibilities, and I’m particularly excited about the new projects and partnerships on the horizon. These collaborations, some of which may come as a surprise, are carefully curated to ensure they embody the essence of what I stand for while offering my audience something entirely new. It’s an exhilarating time, and I invite everyone to stay tuned. What lies ,ahead is not just about the music I create but about fostering a deeper, more meaningful connection with those who have been on this journey with me. Keep your eyes and ears open; the next chapter promises to be one of innovation, surprise, and unparalleled auditory experiences"

OGUZ's narrative transcends the confines of traditional storytelling, leading us on an adventure through sound and emotion that resonates with audiences worldwide.

As he continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, on thing remains certain—the future is filled with infinite possibilities, and OGUZ stands at the forefront, ready to lead us into uncharted sonic frontiers.

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