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FEDDE LE GRAND | NL 2024 MMW Edition

Maestro of innovation

  • Susanne Buchner
  • 21 March 2024
FEDDE LE GRAND  | NL 2024 MMW Edition

Basking in the rare privilege of artistic liberty, Fedde Le Grand stands as a maestro of electronica, celebrated by legions of fans and fellow artists alike as a paramount figure in house music.

Whether commanding the decks as a DJ or orchestrating sonic landscapes as a producer, Fedde’s influence reverberates across the electronic realm. His innovative rhythms, infectious melodies, and captivating grooves have woven themselves into the fabric of our musical consciousness.

With a career spanning over decades, Fedde has not only left an indelible mark on the genre but has become synonymous with its evolution. As he reflects on his journey and looks ahead to the future, it’s clear that Fedde’s passion for music remains as strong as ever.

Achieving #33 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 of 2023 is a testament to Fedde’s enduring popularity and influence. “It’s absolutely amazing,” he shares, “and if anything, it’s mostly a testimony to my fans, who have always stood by me every step of this musical journey.” With humble gratitude for his supporters, Fedde acknowledges the significance of being consistently recognized as one of the most influential DJs globally, a feat he’s maintained for about two decades.

Fedde’s impact on house music extends far beyond his DJ sets and productions. Through his own music, label, radio show, and support of up-and-coming artists, he has played apivotal role in shaping the genre’s trajectory. “Music and art always move in creative cycles,” he explains, “but right now, I feel we are back at the same musical point as when I started out, very much back to house music in its original form.”

Collaborating with musical icons like Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Rihanna has been a highlight of Fedde’s career. “To be honest, these artists always find me,” he reveals. “I’ve never lobbied to do any remix, so I hope they like me for what I do.” Yet, despite his impressive collaborations, Fedde still has dreams of working with artists like Bruno Mars, showcasing his continued ambition and dedication to pushing musical boundaries.

In 2023, Fedde experienced a surge of creative inspiration, releasing standout tracks like “Elektro,” “All Around The World 2023,” and “B2B.”

“I have to say, I am super stoked about the current developments in Dance music. It feels like a homecoming. My creative output is insane right now,” he shares enthusiastically, hinting at even more exciting developments to come. This creative fervour carried over into his summer tour, where he played at major festivals across Europe and Asia. Reflecting on standout moments, Fedde recalls the magic of festivals like Untold and Parrookaville, as well as intimate venues like Far Out Beach Club in Greece.

Having toured Europe and Asia during the summer of 2023, Fedde Le Grand experienced a whirlwind of performances, captivating audiences at major festivals and intimate venues alike. Reflecting on his journey, Fedde shares some standout moments and how these diverse audiences impact his performance.

“One of my favourite moments was playing at Untold, which is by far one of my favourite festivals in the world. Also, Parrookaville in Germany is absolutely amazing. Still, at the same time, I played Far Out Beach Club in Kos, Greece, which is an entirely different animal in terms of size compared to a festival, but it’s one of those magical spots that I cherish. Having said that, it’s always important to understand what kind of venue you are playing, the time, and even if it’s hot, cold, or raining, this all affects my choice of music.”

Looking ahead to summer 2024, Fedde is excited about upcoming tour dates at venues like Club Revelin in Croatia, RFM SOMNII in Portugal, and Dreambeach Festival in Spain. “There are so many,” he exclaims, highlighting the diversity and excitement of his tour schedule.

Throughout his career, Fedde has remained steadfast in his commitment to authenticity and individuality. “Like painters going through different stages and techniques throughout their lives,” he explains, “I feel it should be the same for any art, so as well for music.” This dedication to his craft, combined with a newfound inspiration from the birth of his daughter in February 2023, fuels Fedde’s creativity and drive. “It’s a challenge from time to time. I’ve decided not to do tours that are too long anymore, and it comes with a bit more planning. But at the same time, she inspires me. So, I have never been so creative and motivated.”

Looking ahead to 2024, Fedde teases fans with the promise of new music and exciting collaborations. “I have a lot of music ready to go,” he reveals, “and an exciting collaboration coming up with a certain well-known Frenchman.” With anticipation building for what’s to come, Fedde’s fans eagerly await his next musical endeavours and the innovative projects he has in store.

As Fedde Le Grand continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, his legacy as a pioneering force in the industry is firmly cemented. With his unwavering passion, creative vision, and dedication to authenticity, Fedde remains an essential figure in the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music.

As he embarks on the next chapter of his musical journey, one thing is certain: Fedde Le Grand is here to stay.

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