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A personal journey through Medellín’s electronic music scene

  • Sergio Niño
  • 31 May 2024

Meet Mexes, a 21-year-old DJ and producer from Medellín, Colombia, whose passion for music was ignited in a family deeply devoted to electronic dance music. Growing up, Mexes was surrounded by the pulsating beats of Medellín’s vibrant club scene, embedding a love for electronic music in his heart from an early age.

But Mexes’ musical tastes extend far beyond the dance floor. As a dedicated pianist, he has a profound appreciation for jazz, salsa, disco, R&B, and rock, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of 20th-century Afro-American music. This eclectic mix of influences has been instrumental in shaping his distinctive sound and artistic vision.

Currently, he is not only a co-owner of Alog, a company that organizes groundbreaking music events, but he is also a resident DJ at some of Colombia’s most iconic venues, including Club Bora Bora, Sonato, and Buena Vida Beach in Cartagena.

His entrepreneurial spirit shines through his innovative bi-monthly Sunday event series in Medellín, which has already featured esteemed artists like Blackchild, Rossi, Silvie Loto, and Jesse Calosso.

Mexes is also the mastermind behind Initium, a pool party series in Cartagena de Indias that promises more than just a night out—it offers a deep, immersive connection with music and the environment. With guest performances from artists such as Andrea Oliva, Archie Hamil- ton, and Richy Ahmed, Initium has quickly become a highlight in the local music scene.

In the past seven months, the Colombian has taken his talents international, performing at renowned festivals and clubs such as the BPM Festival in Costa Rica, Pacha Barcelona, E1 in London, Lula Club in Madrid, and the Caribbean Music Festival in Punta Cana. As he prepares for an exciting European tour this summer, Mexes continues to push his creative boundaries.

With more than ten releases on various record labels, Mexes is constantly evolving his sound. His upcoming collaborations are eagerly anticipated and will mark another significant milestone in his career. Joining us on this amazing journey with Mexes; for him, music is not just a passion; it’s a lifestyle, one that he is dedicated to living and sharing with the world, one beat at a time.


In Medellin, the evolution of electronic music over the years has been marked by the fusion of genres, a phenomenon that Mexes wholeheartedly embraces.

“Electronic music has evolved remarkably over the past years, incorporating many genres and subgenres into the music scene. This evolution has significantly impacted my journey as a DJ and producer, allowing me to adapt to a diversity of sounds while maintaining the essence of tech house and techno”.

He acknowledges the profound influence of Medellín’s musical culture on his style, allowing him to adapt to diverse sounds while staying true to his techno and tech house roots.

“This influence has been fundamental in developing one of my formats called “Intimate”, which stands out for its purist focus on techno grooves and its solid sounds, without neglecting my predominant style, “Minimal/Deep Tech”. The city’s musical growth has seen a significant increase in its evolution, creating greater openness to new sounds, and helping us understand the importance of musical diversification”.

Mexes’s deep-rooted passion for music traces back to his childhood, where he honed his skills as a pianist under the guidance of his own family. This early exposure to music laid the foundation for Mexes’s identity, serving as a driving force behind his transition into electronic dance music. His background as a pianist continues to curate his musical sensibilities, infusing his productions with a sense of melody and harmony that sets him apart in the electronic music landscape.

“I feel that this passion has been ingrained in me since childhood thanks to my family, who have been a fundamental part of my musical development. If I hadn’t been immersed in the world of electronic music, I would probably still be a pianist”.

“The influence of music on my life has been absolute, as I have been playing the piano from such a young age. This musical practice is an intrinsic part of my sonic identity and forms the foundation from which I begin to create music”.

Diversity is the heartbeat of Mexes’s creative process, with inspiration flowing from the rich tapestry of Afro-American and Latin music. Drawing upon its eclectic sounds to fuel his creative endeavors.

“The diversity of sounds in music is a constant source of inspiration for me. This musical richness acts as a vast auditory library that allows me to explore and draw from different genres, especially Afro-American and Latin music. On numerous occasions, this diversity has been crucial in developing new musical ideas. It has provided me with clarity regarding my sonic identity as an artist, allowing me to define my sound without losing my Latin essence. I like to incorporate new sonorities to offer something different and add value for my audience”.

His music reflects a harmonious blend of cultural influences, where Latin rhythms intertwine with the soulful melodies of Afro-American music, creating a sonic tapestry that captivates audiences worldwide. Mexes understands the delicate balance between artistic expression and business acumen.

His experience in both realms has equipped him with a unique perspective, allowing him to navigate the intricacies of the industry with ease.

Mexes’s dedication to musical curation and talent development shines through in his approach, as he strives to create meaningful experiences for both artists and audiences alike.

I have had the pleasure of serving as a resident at the Buena Vida Beach Festival and the Bora Bora Club. it has required considerable effort and deep study to delve into the administrative part of the craft.

“However, this experience has also allowed me to develop an objective approach and understand both the artist’s and the businessperson’s perspectives. My family background has facilitated my participation, as my family has been involved in the entertainment industry for years. In a way, I am already part of the team in decision-making and generating new ideas”.

“Currently, I am dedicating part of my time to musical curation and trying to turn the spaces we have with renowned artists into a platform for emerging artists like myself, a very rewarding task for me”.


Initium represents Mexes’s vision of the perfect party—a space where the music takes center stage and creativity knows no bounds. Through Initium, Mexes curates an immersive experience for his followers, showcasing his signature blend of techno, tech house, and minimal/deep tech. The party concept embodies Mexes’s commitment to quality and authenticity, with each event serving as a testament to his unwavering passion for music.

“Initium represents my vision of what a party should be, a process that began when I was a relatively immature artist but that I have tried to consolidate over time, with the valuable support of our entire team. This platform is my space to share my music, the music that inspires me, and to introduce the party concept I have in mind”.

“We always aim to feature quality guests and artists whom I truly admire. Initium is based on my musical taste and what I can offer people; it’s not just about bringing in the most popular artist of the moment but maintaining a coherent musical line that I have developed from an artistic standpoint. We started with pool party-type events, but this year we are bringing great innovations in terms of the project’s evolution and increased dates, thanks to the collaboration with Alog Entertainment”.


Mexes’s commitment to nurturing emerging talent is evident in his approach to selecting guest artists for his events. Beyond technical prowess, Mexes values artists who share his dedication to music creation and production.

“Our main criteria when selecting an artist is that they meet the basic requirement of being a music producer. If not, we value that they are in the process of training in this area. This is the first filter we apply because we want to convey that being a DJ goes beyond just playing music; it is important to be committed to music creation and production. Then, we analyze the musical selection and progressions the artist incorporates into their sets, as well as the coherence and consistency of their mixes”.

It ́s a total process of a carefully curated selection.

“We also evaluate their ability to properly identify the times and spaces in which they perform, their brand, the events they have participated in, the brands they ave collaborated with, and their social networks. We analyze their style, ensuring it aligns with what we want to offer. This way, we begin to select the artists we consider suitable for our events. We constantly provide opportunities to new talents in the city, even if they don’t have an established musical or DJ history. We do this as a form of motivation for them to keep working on their careers, recognizing how difficult it can be to embark on any path in its early stages”.

By providing opportunities for up-and-coming talent, Mexes hopes to inspire the next generation of artists to pursue their dreams and carve out their unique path in the industry.

Global Recognition and Future Endeavors From international festivals in Costa Rica like the BPM and the Caribbean Music Festival to iconicvenues in Europe, Mexes’s musical journey has taken him across the globe, earning him recognition and acclaim along the way. As he prepares for his upcoming European tour, Mexes remains focused on pushing the boundaries of his sound and exploring new creative horizons. With collaborations and projects on the horizon, Mexes’s future shines bright as he continues to captivate audiences with his innovative approach to electronic music.

“Both experiences have been very rewarding for me. The learning I gained was invaluable, as we DJs love to feel that pre-performance adrenaline, and I greatly enjoyed that thrill in both places. Participating in both festivals, each with its unique essence has helped me mature and grow as a DJ. I have learned to adapt sounds to each culture and dance floor, allowing me to deliver quality sets according to the location”.

“I loved the BPM Festival format in Costa Rica, which retains that hippie idiosyncrasy and essence, surrounded by nature that is often overshadowed by technology. On the other hand, the Caribbean Music Festival in Punta Cana was like being in paradise: an incredible sea, the warmth of the people, and an audience that demanded maintaining high energy, with a particular passion for basslines with a lot of grooves, they didn’t stop dancing under the Caribbean sun. Both experiences were incredible”.

And about the Europe tour, he shared.

“For me, having the opportunity to perform in all these clubs is a dream come true and an incredible achievement. I am living in a growth phase where every step represents an important milestone. I recognize the enormous effort of the entire team supporting me to make these dreams come true. Feeling like I am living my life’s dream is indescribable”.

“This summer, I have the incredible opportunity to perform at Art Madrid alongside Kidoo and the brand No Name, as well as at Pacha Barcelona in collaboration with Sight alongside Nic Fanciulli. Additionally, I will be participating in Off Week with the great Sight team in collaboration with the Do Not Sleep Ibiza record label, again at Pacha Barcelona, and I will also have the opportunity to do two showcases that will be announced soon. Each date represents a step forward in my career, and I am excited about what’s to come”.

With more than 10 releases under his belt, Mexes described the evolution of his sound coming from the influence of techno and the constant practice of his piano craft to keep a keen connection with music.

“I consider evolution to be a continuous process, as there is always more to learn in this musical world. As a musician, I devote time and constant effort to study and practice to maintain that vital connection with music. For me, music is an energy that deserves respect and dedication”.

“Previously, I had the ambition to be a multi-instrumentalist, but I realized that in this increasingly competitive world, it is crucial to be selective in how to invest time and focus on what truly inspires me. I understood that not all of us can master all instruments or musical genres, or cover all existing DJ formats. Therefore, I decided to focus on what inspired me the most and what flowed best for me in each area. Accepting this reality was truly liberating and allowed me to evolve significantly”.

All these exciting projects Mexes shared have an amazing cherry on top. An amazing collaboration.

“We are immersed in a very exciting project at the moment, and we are already in the final phase of its development. We have great expectations because all the people involved in this project have put a lot of love into it. Working with two such talented people, whom I deeply admire for their work style, has been an enriching experience from which I have learned a lot. Additionally, I am dedicated to working on an album of edits of songs that left their mark in the 80s and 90s in a place that is currently considered the mecca of electronic music, allowing me to observe the evolution of sound in this place over time”.

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