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Exploring the creative journey of X-Coast

  • Sergio Niño
  • 30 May 2024

X-Coast, the Serbian DJ and electronic music producer has made a significant mark on the global music scene with his distinctive style. Known for blending house, techno, and breakbeat influences, he has captivated audiences with tracks like “MANGO BAY” and “BAILANDO 2023.” In an exclusive interview, X-Coast delves into his creative process, collaborations, and the inspirations behind his work, offering a rare glimpse into the mind of a dynamic artist.

X-Coast’s recent work has impressed us featuring remixes for prominent artists like Trance Wax, SHYGIRL, and Partiboi69.

“Yeah, it seems like a big remix year for the X-Coast project. We were fortunate as a group of artists to be developing our skills and getting more attention at the same time. All of the names you mentioned above and also a remix I just wrapped up in the studio for DJ Gigola’s La Batteria.. we have a long-standing relationship of respect and support for each other, so it comes organic, almost effortless, and that’s when the best things come to life. I think all the artists knew pretty well what was in the package when you hit me up for a remix, and I also had previous insights into which X-Coast tracks they loved in the past years. I was a fan of all these original tracks as well, so giving them the X treatment was fun & inspiring.”

This camaraderie allows X-Coast to stay true to the essence of the original tracks while infusing them with his unique flair. His latest remix for DJ Gigola’s “La Batteria” exemplifies this approach, blending his style seamlessly with the original’s spirit.

Reflecting on the collaborative process, X-Coast highlights the importance of mutual understanding and admiration among artists. Knowing what each artist appreciates in his work helps him tailor his remixes to resonate with their styles while maintaining his distinct touch. This blend of respect and creativity ensures that the final product is both innovative and true to the original vision.

One of X-Coast’s standout tracks, “Marathon Man,” emerged from a longing for a specific sound in his DJ sets. Influenced by a friend’s set recorded in Serbia in 2003, he wanted to create a track with a long, evolving melody over a tribal techno beat. The result was a track that he produced in a day, capturing a special feeling he felt was missing in contemporary music.

“Marathon Man” came out of a need for a longer evolving melody on top of a tribal techno beat in today’s fast-paced arrangements. I got inspired while listening to a set a friend of mine recorded around 2003 in Serbia and he mixed these two elements in that gave me a very special feeling. I thought to myself how I’m really missing this kind of sound in my DJ sets and I wouldn’t even know where to start looking for it. Just sat down and wrote it. It’s one of those tracks that you produce in a day. When things are flowing, it’s easy.”

“Marathon Man” is a testament to X-Coast’s ability to draw inspiration from diverse sources and eras. By blending elements from the early 2000s with modern production techniques, he creates a sound that is both nostalgic and fresh. This track not only fills a gap in his DJ sets but also connects listeners to a different time and place, evoking memories and emotions through its carefully crafted melodies and rhythms.

Contrary to its vibrant energy X-Coast initially aimed for a more "creepy" vibe with "Get Down."Starting with the beat and bass, he experimented with vocal samples to add complexity. The “Get Down” vocal sample fit perfectly, bringing the track to life.

“I didn’t aim for too vibrant with that one. More creepy, hence the “X-Clone 1000TM” being abducted in a coffin. I think I started laying down the beat and bass (my process does not start like this always), and after I got the “singing” bongos right in the mix I wanted to make it even busier”.

“I tried chopping up some vocal samples to add to the chaos and when I loaded the “Get Down” one into the sampler it just fit perfectly. I do write a wide variety of electronic music, but trying to find some deeper meaning in a tribal / tech house track is not needed in my opinion. I guess, the message is plain and simple - “Get Down!”, He laughs.

He emphasized that the track’s message is straightforward to get people dancing. The creative journey behind “Get Down” showcases X-Coast’s experimental approach to music production. By allowing the track to evolve naturally, he captures a raw, unfiltered energy that resonates with listeners. This willingness to embrace spontaneity and let the music guide him results in tracks that are both dynamic and engaging, encouraging audiences to lose themselves in the rhythm and energy of the music.


X-Coast’s forthcoming double EP on Riviera Records features tracks from the past year or two, all tested and proven in his live sets. Unlike a conceptual album, this EP is designed with the dancefloor in mind, featuring tracks like “Put Your Hands Together,” “Hold Me Bby,” and “Ar Kor Junglist.” These tracks have become fan favorites, with audiences eagerly trying to identify and obtain them. This project showcases X-Coast’s ability to curate a collection of dancefloor-ready hits, reflecting his deep connection with his audience.

“It’s a selection of tracks from the previous year or two. Most of these are weapons from prior X-Coast sets that work really well and that’s why it’s a doubleEP. Think “Put Your Hands Together”, “Hold Me Bby”, “Ar Kor Junglist” and all the others that people weretrying to ID and get their hands on. They were all written with the dancefloor in mind. An X-Coast LP (album) would need to be more conceptual.”

The double EP is a celebration of X-Coast’s recent work, offering a snapshot of his evolution as an artist. Each track has been carefully selected forits ability to energize and captivate audiences, ensuring that the EP delivers a powerful and immersive listening experience. By focusing on tracks that have already proven their impact in live settings, X-Coast ensures that the EP resonates with listeners and keeps them coming back for more.

“I must admit, producing these videos is where I have the most fun these days.“

“I love the whole process, from the very first ideas and storyboard to assembling the cast, getting props, and coming up with locations and ways to shoot. After all, I am a “Master of Dramatic Arts”, but I couldn’t have done these without the X-Tribe, my friends, and their enthusiasm to keep this lil campy mirage going”.

“Special shoutouts to Ivana, Ivana, and Ana, who were there since the very beginning. The themes are: cloning, secret labs, erotica, mutants, resurrection, martial arts, haggling, meaning of life and the list goes on”

X-Coast’s self-directed videos add a captivating ,visual dimension to his music. He finds immense joy in the entire process, from storyboarding to shooting, often involving friends and collaborators.

His background in dramatic arts plays a significant role in this creative endeavor, allowing him to explore themes like cloning, secret labs, and resurrection. These videos enhance the storytelling aspect of his music, making his artistic vision more vivid and engaging.

In the “House it Up” video, X-Coast explores a parallel universe where his clone carries out missions, reflecting on what his life might have been if he hadn’t moved to New York. This narrative adds depth to his persona, blending personal history with creative fiction. Similarly, the characters in the “Get Down” video, many of whom are familiar faces from a Serbian flea market, bring an authentic and memorable performance to the screen. X-Coast plans a sequel where “X-Clone 1000TM” takes revenge on the coffin henchmen and scientists, continuing the intriguing storyline.


One of the most unique aspects of X-Coast’s live performances is the haircut sessions. This idea started during the pandemic when he shaved his head on a live stream, leading to spontaneous haircuts during his DJ sets. “Later that year they wanted me to play their birthday in Berlin, but I felt like it was kinda expected of me now to cut my hair or shave,” he recalls. This quirky tradition has since become a crowd favorite, with fans bringing clippers to shows and volunteering for haircuts, adding an interactive and unpredictable element to his performances.

“It all started during the pandemic when I had a Britney moment on the fire escape outside my apartment in Brooklyn and crowdsourced my hairdo on live stream via Instagram - that ended up being a reverse mohawk that I was rocking for a month or two. After that, there was a HÖR set where I spontaneously shaved at the beginning of the stream and things picked up even more.”

“Later that year they wanted me to play their birthday in Berlin, but I felt like it was kinda expected of me now to cut my hair or shave, so I asked for volunteers who would get an undercut, mullet/skullet, or a reverse mohawk - surprisingly, there were many and all of a sudden, this became a thing (people now bring their clippers to the shows”.

The haircut phenomenon shows X-Coast’s ability to engage and surprise his audience. By breaking down the barriers between performer and audience, he creates a shared experience that is both memorable and unique. This interactive element adds a layer of excitement and spontaneity to his shows, ensuring that each performance is distinct and leaves a lasting impression.


Despite his extensive experience, X-Coast iscom mitted to keeping his performances fresh and exciting. He aims to evoke a natural high and an uplifting feeling in his audience, constantly challenging himself to avoid playing it safe. “One thing hasn’t changed - I want the crowd to experience a natural high,” he says, reflecting his passion for creating memorable and exhilarating live experiences.

X-Coast’s dedication to his craft and his audience is evident in every aspect of his work. By continually pushing himself to explore new sounds and experiences, he ensures that his performances remain dynamic and engaging. This commitment to innovation and connection is what sets him apart as an artist and keeps his fans coming back for more.

“You know, the moment I start relying on experience and playing it safe, it’s gonna be over. I have been DJing for more than 20 years, but I’m constantly trying to toss myself a hot potato and keep things interesting. One thing hasn’t changed - I want the crowd to experience a natural high. Or if you have ever tried an uplifting drug, I want to evoke that feeling inside. That’s the X-effect. See you out there...”

X-Coast’s journey as an artist is marked by creativity, spontaneity, and a deep connection with his audience. Whether through his innovative remixes, spontaneously crafted tracks, captivating videos, or unique live performances, he consistently pushes the boundaries of his artistry. His dedication to his craft and his ability to blend personal experiences with creative expression make him a standout figure in the electronic music scene. As X-Coast continues to evolve, his fans can look forward to more exciting projects and unforgettable performances, each infused with his signature style and boundless enthusiasm.

His story is one of relentless passion and artistic exploration, inspiring both his peers and fans. Through his music and the stories he tells, X-Coast not only entertains but also connects on a deeper level, making a lasting impact on the world of electronic music. As he continues to innovate and inspire, there’s no doubt that X-Coast will remain a powerful and influential force in the music industry for years to come.

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