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  • Laura Liendo
  • 27 March 2024

In a landscape densely populated with unique artists, all finding innovative and distinct ways to stand out, it seems surprising that there remains a talent who continues to stand apart from the crowd, but the talented Producer and DJ Meetch has managed just that. With a sonic identity and stage persona that is unlike any other, incorporating the visual aspect of his robot helmet into performances, Meetch appears in a league of his own, pushing boundaries to emerge as a powerful and influential force in Electronic Music.

At the start of his musical journey, it was drumming in bands that drew Meetch to live performance, but soon it was the persuasive potential of making his own mark on crowds that propelled him into DJing. Now, with over a decade of experience taking to the stage, Meetch presents a skilled approach to performance, coming with the knowledge and background that enables him to capture the attention of a crowd, taking them on a journey of sonic excitement with each and every live set. With previous sets at top NYC venues like Pacha and Stage 48, along with performances alongside heavyweight names such as Paper Diamond and Skrillex, Meetch’s career highlights certainly speak to the stellar talents and striking sound that he brings to the decks, setting Meetch on a trajectory to reach new and exciting ground as he continues to impress.

However, Meetch’s reputation exceeds beyond his abilities as a live DJ; as a producer, his skill set is just as impressive. A pioneer when it comes to the revolutionising of Electronic Music, Meetch continues to breathe fresh energy into the genre as he offers music that appears distinct and ingenious in sonic makeup; intricate tapestries of thumping beats, mighty-sounding details, and anthemic moments, Meetch’s productions serve to exemplify his penchant for exploring new musical territories. As he pushes the genre of House into refreshing realms of sonic excitement, Meetch’s place as a trailblazing innovator continues to be established.

Furthering his list of creative endeavours, Meetch launched his radio show ‘Digital Dance Radio’ last year, offering listeners a chance to dive into his vibrant sonic world with mixes that showcase his impeccable tastes and admirable mixing abilities. As he now invites guest stars to take to the decks, recently welcoming top talents like Marc Benjamin and Steff da Campo, Meetch ensures his show continues to gain traction whilst cementing his own status as an influential tastemaker within electronic music today.

In a consistently shifting musical world, Meetch manages to find steady ground, gaining a reputation as one of the leading talents currently elevating electronic music to surprising new heights. As he keeps setting dancefloors ablaze, delivering seamlessly blended mixes of uplifting productions and infectious beats, along with dropping unmissable productions, Meetch is sure to continue drawing in fans from across the globe, growing his ever-developing collection of loyal followers even further.

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