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Pieces of life

A communion of art and music

  • Sergio Niño
  • 22 March 2024
Pieces of life

Since its inception, Pieces of Life has challenged established musical conventions, offering a sonic and visual experience that transcends ephemeral trends. In an exclusive conversation with the founders, we explore how they define their style, select collaborators and artists, cultivate industry relationships, and maintain a balance between their artistic identity and creative exploration.

Pieces of Life is a record label and artist collective originating from Spain, founded by Yamil, Clemente, Thimble, and their manager Borja Rodríguez. Their focus revolves around exploring mystical, avant-garde, and emotional forms of visual arts and electronic music. The story of Pieces Of Life dates back to late 2019 when Yamil and Borja decided to create a label to unleash Yamil’s artistic creativity and not depend on the dominant labels of the time. It is then that the idea of creating a collective arises, so they quickly join forces with Clemente and Thimble, who also shared the same musical inclinations, and together shape the label as we know it today. Over the past few years, Pieces of Life has released such high-quality productions that they have gained recognition on leading platforms like Beatport and Traxsource, in addition to receiving support from renowned electronic artists such as Black Coffee, Âme, Dixon, &ME, and Rüfüs Du Sol, among others.

Their philosophy is based on offering an audiovisual experience, away from prevailing trends, where mu- sic and art merge to create something truly special. In addition to releasing original music from its three members, the label also showcases exclusive collaborations and remixes from close friends and like-minded artists.

As a DJ-crew, the group has brought their concept to events in various cities around the world, offering extended b2b sets in clubs and festivals, where they stand out for providing a unique and immersive experience that captivates their audience.

“We can define our musical style as a fusion of eclectic sounds ranging from deep and melodic house to experimental techno. We seek to promote the fusion of different genres and sounds, thus creating an auditory experience that evokes emotions or stimulates the mind and remains away from passing trends or fads.”

Dedication to quality and coherence is the cornerstone of the Pieces of Life experience. Their focus on originality, innovation, and collabora- tion with visual talents creates an immersive experience that transcends the purely auditory. Since its inception, Madrid-based artist Laura Cruz has shaped the brand’s visual identity.

“We believe that what makes the Pieces of Life experience unique and valuable is our dedication to quality; we are faithful to our sound and style and believe in natural evolution without being influenced by current trends. We strive to create releases that are not only a so- nic experience but also visually appealing.”

With a focus on the mystical, avant-garde, and emotional, Pieces of Life carefully selects collaborators and artists who share their creative vision. Valuing originality and a passion for experimentation, they ensure that each release aligns with their ethics and artistic philosophy.

“When selecting collaborators and artists for our releases, we focus on finding talent that shares our creative vision. We value originality, innovation, and a passion for experimentation, making sure they align with our ethics and artistic philosophy.”

The support of renowned artists like Black Coffee, &ME, and Âme has been essential in elevating the trajectory and reputation of Pieces of Life. These relationships are based on mutual respect and admiration for each other’s work, expanding their reach and attracting a more diverse and global audience.

“These relationships are built through mutual respect, admiration for each other’s work, and for other projects that share our vision.”

Producing events in unique and diverse locations is a primary goal for Pieces of Life. From transforming historical castles to taking their music to outdoor natural spaces, each location becomes a magical stage that complements the musical and artistic experience.

“Producing events in unique and diverse locations beyond a club has always been and will be one of our goals, from transforming ancient or iconic places to taking our concept to outdoor natural spaces.”

Success on playlists and streaming platforms amplifies the reach of Pieces of Life, attracting new listeners and strengthening their credibility and reputation. They celebrate these achievements with their audience through various means, recognizing and thanking their supporters.

“Our success on charts and streaming platforms helps us reach a wider and more diverse audience.”


The collaboration between Yamil, Clemente, and Thimble as a DJ-Crew is a fusion of styles and skills that complement each other to create dynamic and exciting sets. This artistic synergy will be reflected in joint studio work, creating a unique musical experience.

“We could say that our trio show is a combination of styles and skills that complement each other to create dynamic and exciting sets.”


Pieces of Life maintains its artistic identity by staying true to its core values and aesthetics. They selectively and collaboratively explore new creative directions, seeking collaborations that complement their vision and help grow as a record label and artistic community.

“We value and preserve our identity by staying true to our fundamental values, aesthetics, and creative vision.”

In summary, Pieces of Life stands out as a record label that not only promotes an exceptional auditory experience but also seeks to transcend the boundaries of creativity and innovation in electronic music. With a focus on quality, collaboration, and authenticity, they continue to make an indelible mark on the contemporary music scene.

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