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Locus error

  • Sergio Niño
  • 1 June 2024
Locus error

Get ready to embark on an electrifying journey guided by the extraordinary talent of none other than Locus Error. Join me as we delve into the rhythms and melodies that define her awe-inspiring evolution from classical prodigy to techno virtuoso. From the tranquil landscapes of her childhood village to the heart of Nijmegen’s techno scene, Locus Error is a testament to the boundless power of passion and perseverance.

Picture this: a young cellist, mesmerized by the enchanting sounds of classical symphonies, dreaming of a world where music knows no bounds. That young dreamer was none other than Locus Error, whose insatiable curiosity and unbridled enthusiasm would soon lead her on a journey of sonic exploration like noother. With each beat and note she plays, Locus Error transports us to a place where sound transcends language and culture.

We’ll uncover the profound influence of her classical upbringing on her approach to electronic music production and DJing. From the dynamic compositions of symphonies to the intimate storytelling of chamber music, Locus Error’s classical roots infuse her electronic endeavors with a symphonic sensibility that sets her apart in the bustling world of techno. So buckle up, get ready to dance, dream, and discover the magic of electronic music like never before!


Locus Error’s musical journey began in the serene landscapes of Gulpen, a small village nestled in the south of the Netherlands. Raised with a deep appreciation for classical music, she found solace and expression through the strings of her cello.

When I started studying, I joined the student orchestra as soon as I could. Since I was a little child I played the cello and playing in an orchestra was the only way of musical expression I experienced.

“When I was living in my small town the biggest problem about going to parties was getting there. Because cycling was too far and I was too young to get my driver’s license. There were no techno events close in the area”.

Yet, it was her move to Nijmegen that would unravel a new chapter in her musical narrative.

“When I moved to Nijmegen, all the way from a small village in the south of The Netherlands called gulpen, techno parties became way more accessible to me than they were before”.

In Nijmegen, techno offered an escape from the confines of classical orchestras. Accessible techno parties became her gateway to a new sonic dimension, where she found herself entranced by the magic crafted by DJs behind the decks. It was here that Locus Error’s destiny intertwined with the intoxicating allure of electronic music.

"At some point, the orchestra I was playing in had too many cellists, and the rule was: first one in first one out. So, sadly I had to leave the orchestra. A bit flustered about what to do now with music, I quickly got drawn to DJing. I was going to a lot of techno parties and I looked up too many (female) DJs. I was fascinated by what kind of magic they were doing behind the decks and I couldn’t get enough of watching DJs do their magic. At some point it dawned on me: this is what I need to do instead of playing in an orchestra. I’m going to be a DJ myself!"


Locus Error’s classical roots run deep, infusing her electronic endeavors with a nuanced understanding of composition and emotion. Drawing from her classical education, she brings a symphonic sensibility to her DJ sets and productions, crafting journeys that flow with meticulous precision.

“I think classical music has been a huge influence on my electronic music career. The way I learned to listen to classical music has given me a great advantage as a DJ and a producer. I learned from classical music that a composition needs time, space to breathe, timing, and dynamics. You can’t rush any genre, music needs to develop. Music is not a ‘thing’ that exists but music are waves that make your ears and brain vibrate. Music brings all kinds of different emotions, happiness, sadness, inconvincible feelings, understood feelings, warm feelings, cold feelings, and so on”.

From the grandeur of symphonies to the intimacy of chamber music, Locus Error learned the art of storytelling through sound. Each track she spins becomes a chapter in a larger narrative, evoking emotions that transcend language and culture. For Locus Error, music is not merely a performance—it’s a transformative experience that resonates deepwithin the soul.

“I think I learned to understand these things from classical music. I had a lot of education about how to listen to music, and how to listen to what the composer intended. How some parts of a symphony are supposed to be energetic and other parts leave space to fill in yourself."

"How sometimes an instrument can take the upper hand, but is supported by another instrument that has to take a step back. It’s dynamic and that’s what makes it interesting to listen to. This is something I strive to do in my sets and productions too. I want to tell an interesting story that is worth listening to and like in classical music, I want to make people feel things. Which is in my case to feel happy, energetic, alive, and bass-face powerful when they listen to my sets. Empower them to have the best night of their lives”.


Nijmegen, with its vibrant techno scene, provided the fertile soil for Locus Error’s artistic growth. Immersed in platforms like SoundLab, she found a community of like-minded individuals who shared her passion for electronic music.

“Nijmegen has played a huge role in my life. When I started DJing I found out there was a DJ and producer student association (Sound-Lab) in Nijmegen. When I found out about this association I immediately joined. I got to meet like-minded people that I connected with and I think I became a board member 4 months later, and stayed one for 2,5 years. It was a great way to nerd out about electronic music and have new friends with the same mindset to go to parties with”.

“By being a board member of Soundlab, I got in touch with a lot of people from the scene in Nijmegen. This was during coronavirus times and we tried all we could to give people a stage, even though it was an online one. For one of our events, I got the opportunity to record a set in Doornroosje. After this set was recorded, I was approached by the talent agent of Doornroosje. He asked me if I wanted to join a program that supports upcoming DJs in Corona times. Without any hesitation, I joined this program and I played on some radio stations, amongst which Open-Source Radio”.

"It also led me to meet Darko Esser aka Tripeo. A scene veteran who supported and believed in me from the very first day. He is a man of great integrity and great musical wisdom, and I am learning a lot from Tripeo every day (music scene-wise and production-wise). He asked me to join his label and event: BALANS. Of which I’m now a co-boss, which gives me the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing artists in my role as promoter. This teaches me a lot about the production-side of organizing events and everything that is happening behind the screens of an event."

As a resident DJ at Planet Rose, she honed her skills and cultivated her unique sound, earning recognition as a rising star in the techno circuit.

“The place I got to thrive as an artist in Nijmegen is Planet Rose. It was the first party that booked me after Corona and it was my first serious gig. It was amazing playing in front of such a huge audience opening for these amazing artists. After my first performance there I became a resident and I got to develop my DJ skills. Being a resident of Planet Rose has given me a lot of opportunities outside Nijmegen as well. After becoming a resident there it didn’t take long before I got my first Thuishaven booking. Planet Rose was my stepping stone to being taken seriously in the techno-scene and it will always have a special place in my heart”.

But it was her performance at Awakenings in the Gashouder that marked a seminal moment in her career. Opening for iconic artists on New Year’s Eve, Locus Error commanded the dance floor with an energy and finesse that left an indelible mark on the audience.

“Awakenings in Gashouder was truly amazing. A dream coming true. It was a gig I had been living towards for months. All the pre-fun, tension, and excitement I had been feeling up to that moment was fully translated within the set. Of course, I brought my most tracks for this special occasion. It was very pleasing to see that the Gashouder was already filling up within the first 20 minutes. Seeing these happy ravers in this majestic place made me forget my nerves and I got to enjoy the performance. The entire set felt like a split second. The moment of the first track and finishing the last track was over before I knew it. A truly magical experience. I can’t wait to do it again at Awakening’s summer festival!”

"The energy she brought to the audience and ever since proved to be just what we all needed. Most music I play is full of energy. I love groovy basslines, exciting hi-hats, trippy bleeps, and dirty vocals. It gives me some kind of fire in my body and I just start dancing. My goal and wish is to make people as excited, as I am about the music I play. For me, the vibe I bring to the booth is the energy and excitement I feel deep inside of me when I am playing. It’s the excitement about the music that makes me dance and jump behind the booth. It’s like a fire is being lit in my legs."


“I am interested in a lot of different sorts of vibes in the music I play. It’s mostly groovy, a bit dark, sometimes really powerful, and you can’t go wrong with some ghetto-house. The challenge for me is to combine all these, seemingly random, kinds of tracks. It can be a bit technical at times but it’s mostly feeling the right vibefrom your tracks and your audience. You have to be careful not to rush things and sometimes you need to play a few other tracks to get the track you want to play. These challenges make DJing extremely interesting and fun to do!”

“The most memorable moments of my career have been opening Awakenings in de Gashouder last December and playing the Hammerhalle in Sisyphos. Moments like these just give me so much excitement and energy. They are giving me a feeling of purpose in this world and I am grateful to be a part of this all”.

After something as special as Awakenings Locus continued her quest for sonic exploration. Locus Error embarked on a new frontier: music production. Collaborations with seasoned producers like Tripeo opened doors to new possibilities, propelling her towards her debut solo EP and international acclaim.

“I think music production has been a big interest for me my whole life. As a child, I had a period where I composed my classical piano pieces. I was sitting behind the piano all day trying out and writing whatever came to me. Whilst growing up, I kind of lost track of it but when I got more acquainted with electronic music, I realized that becoming a producer is not something cryptical and non-accessible. I realized you don’t need a huge studio, like the ones you see on social media”.

“The challenge for me at this moment is to also get to this point as a producer. I’m learning and growing so much every day as a producer. If I listen to some tracks I made a couple of months ago, I can hear a lot of differences from the tracks I make now. This is a natural process of learning anything new I guess, but it’s been hard for me not feeling rushed in this process."

And her new remix is fire!

“My latest track is a remix of JSPR’s ‘Prospect Ave’. I was excited doing it but it was also a challenge. It was my first remix ever and also my first official track ever, so I felt some pressure to make something out of it. The first version of the remix I finished was a bit more straightforward. I played it a few times but I noticed something was missing. So... I decided to delete the whole arrangement, add some groovy components, and start all over again with the arrangement. After I finished the new version, the track felt way more like myself, and I’m really happy I pressed the reset button on this occasion”.


As she gazes towards the horizon, Locus Error’s aspirations burn bright. With dreams of playing at iconic venues like Berghain and Tresor, she remains steadfast in her commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging conventions.

“Currently, I’m working together a lot with Tripeo. We have been working on our collab EP for some time now and the plan is to release it on BALANS soon. We are both excited about some of the tracks we have been working on. I already had the opportunity to road-test it on some dance floors, which worked out amazing! I think it is a project where we both complement each other’s styles”.

“My goals at the moment are to release my first solo EP and to travel more internationally for gigs. I would love to play more internationally to see all the different beautiful places my gigs would take me. I also really want to get back to Berlin because the time I played there was heartwarming, the open-minded people and the vibe in the club inspired me a lot. I have a long bucket list of places I want to play and labels I want to release on. This list is becoming longer and longer by the second. Dream gigs that spring to mind would be a Boiler Room set, playing Berghain and Tresor. There are so many more amazing places I want to play at, I can’t wait!”

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