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Welcome to the Crave festival

  • Natalia Sanchinelli
  • 20 June 2024
Welcome to the Crave festival

Craving even more..!

The Crave has rapidly become one of the Netherlands’ most anticipated festivals. Held annually in The Hague, it draws an ever-growing crowd of enthusiastic attendees and dancers each year. In 2024, the festival presented new sound system upgrades. It also showcased new and enhanced stages while preserving the unique essence that defines The Crave experience. This year, it presented five stages, each offering a unique musical journey.

Photo by Sésil Multu ( creativez)

Tetra Stage

This year, Daria Kolosova, curated her own Tetra Stage, which was all about the rhythm and vibes, bringing the essence of the sweaty techno scene. As they put it, “We go to the niche techno.”

The stage featured artists such as the charismatic Laure Croft with a thriving vinyl set, Lobster, LDS & VEL, Kettama, and Francois X were all extra pleasant to hear and to dance to. And last but not least Daria Kolosova closed with an unforgettable B2B set with SPFDJ. Its exceptional curation made it one of our highlights!

Sphere Stage

The Sphere Stage was packed and a high point for everyone, showcasing incredible performances that kept the energy high. It brought a sense of unity and centredness to the festival. Presented a lot of international melodies & vibes. From those outer space- UK garage sounds from BEN UFO to the shaky vibes & non-stop rhythms from DJ Heartstring to the exclusive closing set of Mall Grab.

The Pip Stage

The Pip Stage offered warmer vibes with house-ish, groovy, and tech-house beats. Starting it with artists like The Fluid Druid and Tom Trago spicing up the dance floor, the stage quickly became a hotspot. It was already a wild crowd, but Stella Zekri turned it even wilder several times, followed by Midland, and of course, the energetic closing set by Fafi Abdel Nour. The PIP delivered the groovy vibes that a festival should savor at least once.


Cuboid radiated super high energy and hard, lovely vibes. Estella Boersma interacted wildly with the audience, hyping up the crowd. She radiates energy and makes her sets interactive and memorable. Her presence was electric. Fjaak, the dynamic Berlin duo, arrived ready to uplift the crowd with their good energy and unique rhythms. Their performance was a crowd favorite, and we cannot wait to hear more from the boys. Hector Oaks delivered a fiercely vinyl set that left everyone feeling his fire running through the stage, closing the festival with a bang in 2024 and making us even more Team Fuego.

Photo by natriph

Poly Stage

Why Poly, you may wonder? It's because this stage combines multiple sounds, making it a mixtape of genres and sounds. If you were aiming for a more experimental and varied experience, Poly was the stage for you. It presented the only live set performance of the day by Nikos.

Our highlight was Jeans, who closed with his unique underground and lovely messy sounds. The crowd went mad.

The Crave’s Unique Touches

As we dove deeply into the wildness of the festival, we could not help but notice the light installations across the festival, giving such euphoric and even fairy tale vibes, as well as the nice crossover bridge providing a sense of connection with a beautiful lake view.

What set this festival apart this year was its commitment to sustainability, as well as its team’s passion for delivering on their promises. Their effort to seek improvements each year is evident. From the warm welcoming crew to the super caring management and the precise production team, every detail was meticulously handled.

The Crave Festival 2024 stood out not just for its remarkable lineup and diverse stages but also for its unique touches that enhanced the overall experience. The mesmerizing light installations and the scenic crossover bridge added to the festival’s charm, while the commitment to sustainability highlighted the organizers’ dedication to improvement. With a warm, welcoming crew and meticulous attention to detail, The Crave delivered on its promises and set a high standard for future events. We eagerly await what The Crave has in store for us next year.

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