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Maike Depas

The future of hard techno

  • Sergio Niño
  • 28 June 2024
Maike Depas

Today, we spotlight Maike Depas, the Milan-based maestro who is redefining the electronic music scene. Born Michelangelo De Pasquale, Depas has surged to prominence with his mhard techno beats fused with 90s trance vibes.

His groundbreaking project, “Rave the Planet,” transcends traditional music experiences, offering live-streamed DJ sets from post-apocalyptic locales like Berlin’s Teufelsberg. Inspired by the aesthetics of “Blade Runner 2049” and “Dune,” Depas’s performances are a cinematic journey through dystopian soundscapes. Let ́s dive into his story and discover the future of techno.

In this exclusive interview, Depas delves into his creative process, the inspiration behind his unique performances, and his vision for the future of techno.


“My musical journey began in Milan, where I was born and raised. From a young age, I was influenced by numerous artistic figures who refined my musical sensibility. I studied classical music, then contemporary and modern composition, until I discovered my passion for electronic music, particularly techno. I started DJing in small Milanese venues, playing almost every weekend and composing tracks in my home studio during the week”.

Depas’s musical odyssey started with classical music,transitioning to modern composition before discovering his passion for electronic music. The international club culture, especially Berlin’s vibrant scene, profoundly influenced his sound.

“Berlin, which I consider my second home, immediately inspired great creativity in me and allowed me to better understand myself both as an artist and as a human being”, Depas shares.

This city, a melting pot of cultures and artists, fueled his curiosity and deepened his connection to the authentic rave culture.

“My sound, which has been nurtured by my Berlin time, has increasingly aligned with something I felt part of and that represents my artistic vision and position in the techno scene. My style is characterized by elements of the early ‘90s rave sound, with strong melodic influences from trance, which are in turn influenced by contemporary hard techno, mainly expressed in the rhythmic sections that dominate the drops in my tracks”.


For Depas, music is more than just sound; it’s a lifeline.

“Hard techno has saved my life on several occasions,” he confides.

“It is a savior for the human soul and never abandons you. The feeling of loneliness transformed into the joy of belonging to a larger, more open community, creating a deep and unbreakable bond with my musical genre. This bond has led me to develop a sincere and unique vision of my music”.

“My recording studio is my laboratory, where I experiment with new sounds using various musical instruments, integrating them into my tracks. In this space, I always strive to surround myself with brilliant minds to collaborate with, write new tracks, or simply have fun in endless jam sessions, from which I can draw new ideas to develop later”.

This profound bond is truly evident in his tracks, where the feeling of loneliness transforms into a celebration of belonging to a larger, open community.

Depas’s studio, “The Innovation Studio”, is a hub of creativity and experimentation. Here, surrounded by retro synthesizers and vinyl records, he blends analog warmth with digital precision. His typical day, filled with sound exploration and collaborative jam sessions, is a testament to his commitment to continuous innovation.

“Creativity needs to be constantly exercised.” He shares.

Being described as a visionary and multidimensional artist. Depasintegrates various aspects of his artistic vision into music and performances to create a unique experience for your audience

“My artistic project is deeply rooted in the concept of a futuristic world, as depicted in major sci-fi films and books such as Blade Runner, Dune, Cyberpunk, and Ghost in the Shell. These works have influenced my perception of the world, filtered through a surreal and dystopian lens that I aim to accentuate through my music, capable of evoking strong emotions, and also through the graphic imagery I have developed in collaboration with prominent artists from the metaverse. For this reason, I define myself as a multidimensional artist”.

Depas’s artistic vision extends beyond music to immersive visual experiences. Inspired by sci-fi classics like Blade Runner and Dune, he creates a futuristic, dystopian world in his performances. His Essential Mixes, like the one at Teufelsberg, a former US spy station in Berlin, are cinematic journeys through these surreal landscapes. Collaborations with Metaverse artists on 3D productions for his singles.

“I have created a character that represents myself, forced to coexist in two dimensions, the present and the future. For this reason, in my latest video productions for my YouTube channel, in the format Essential Mixes, you can find scenarios of locations scattered across Europe that evoke lunar and cinematic landscapes. A notable example is Essential Mix Vol. 8, where I perform a 60-minute hard techno set at Teufelsberg, a former US spy station in the former West Berlin”.

“The predominant character of this artistic visionis expressed through my 3D productions, created in collaboration with some of the greatest artists in the metaverse, who have produced videos for some of my singles, such as “Voyager”, “Dark Room”, and “Midnight Ride”.


With a catalog of over 100 tracks, Depas ́ studio life is quite intense. But what is impressive is his capability to maintain creativity in such a high-output environment.

“The Innovation Studio is my laboratory for experimental and innovative music creation, with the mantra “EXPLORE, CREATE, INNOVATE”. This model, based on sound exploration, allows the artist to express themselves more freely without immediately worrying about the final process of creating the track”.

“We adopt a bottom-up approach that enables us to proceed without immediately focusing on details, instead concentrating on the idea and the tools to use to achieve the desired result”.

“I usually start my day in the studio around 9:00 AM and stay until 9:00 PM, taking several breaks between sessions. It’s easy to lose track of time when surrounded by numerous instruments and, above all, when having fun. I believe that creativity needs to be constantly exercised, especially if, like me, you want to be extremely productive during the day in the studio”.

“I practice almost as if it were a game, composing catchy melodies and saving them in a folder that’s always at hand for when I need to write new tracks. This method also works for the rhythmic patterns that make up the rhythmic sections of our arrangement, focusing on refining and working out the details in micro time instead of dwelling on macro time (i.e., better developing the breaks and redefining the overall sound we want our new track to have)”.

“The most important thing when entering the studio is always to record something, even if it’s not perfect; otherwise, the session can’t be considered productive. Being a huge vintage enthusiast and a bit of a nerd, my studio, The Innovation Studio, is filled with retro synthesizers that give my tracks the warmth of analog sound. These tracks are born from a process that combines digital and analog instruments, creating a perfect blend in terms of sound design. Vinyl represents pure passion for music and the physical format for me. As an artist, I still choose to print and distribute my creations not only in digital format but also on vinyl through my label”.

Each of Depas’s EPs marks a different phase in his artistic evolution. His debut EP, “State Of Techno,” signaled his transformation towards hard techno. Subsequent releases like “Euphoria” and “Rave The Planet” solidified his position in the international scene, drawing from influences like ‘90s trance and Detroit techno. His latest EP, “Tokyo Nights,” released on Pushmaster Discs, continues this journey, blending psy trance elements with hard techno’s driving beats.

“State Of Techno” was my first EP, it stands as a testament to my artistic transformation towards hard techno. It includes a remix by Mattia Trani for the track “Industrial”. In collaboration with Impossible_realities,a renowned 3D artist, I created a music video for the most emblematic track of the EP, “Dark Room”. This video is based on my dystopian imagery and contains numerous references to my introduction to the rave culture world, which is the true inspiration behind this first EP”.

Collaborations with artists like Mattia Trani, Amstra, and Matasism have enriched Depas’s sound. He values the unique perspectives each collaborator brings, ensuring his music remains original and authentic. The Innovation Studio Records, his label, aims to be a platform for both emerging and established artists, fostering high-quality, contemporary music.

“After my debut in the international hard techno scene, I decided to release five tracks under the name “Euphoria EP”. This project features the collaboration of Itwasleo, another well-known artist in the metavere world, for the music video of the EP’s official single, “Midnight Ride”. Once again, it represents an imaginary dystopian world, rich in twists and fantastic scenarios. This EP marks a further step forward in my sonic exploration and positioning within the international techno landscape, heavily influenced by a sound reminiscent of the Detroit genre, but with the driving rhythm typical of hard techno”.


“2024 marks my breakthrough in the international hard techno scene as a well-established artist capable of making a mark with a recognizable and unique sound. I released “Rave The Planet EP”, which serves as a true artistic manifesto in my career, consolidating my sound and positioning. It includes a remix by Amstra for one of the EP’s most representative tracks, “Float Together”.

“I created this EP during a period of great inspiration and musical research, and I believe it was strongly influenced by ‘90s trance artists like Push, Jam & Spoon,and Cygnus X”.

“Following this significant discographic chapter, I decided to release another EP this April under my label, The Innovation Studio Records, to reaffirm my sound in the international techno scene. It features a remix by Matasism of the EP’s most captivating track, “Cyber Attack”. This EP is the result of my personal experience in an inner dystopian reality, where energetic and epic sounds merge into a very personal version of the hard techno legacy to which I am devoted”.

“My latest EP, “Tokyo Nights,” released on May 24th on Mattia Trani’s label, Pushmaster Discs, contains four original tracks ready to make the dancefloor move all summer 2024. It includes a remix of the track “Tokyo Nights” by Mattia Trani himself in a Drum ‘n’ Bass version."

“This EP follows the legacy of a journey through a mysterious and partly imaginary space, represented here by a futuristic and uninhabited Tokyo, where every difference between reality and fantasy becomes imperceptible. The main inspiration for this EP comes from the psy trance genre and the emblematic elements of hard techno. This combination of explosive kicks andthe drivin g basslines of psy trance has produced a contemporary sound, ready to make all the ravers dance at festivals and clubs worldwide”.

For Maike, collaborations play a crucial role in his projects, as he said before, authenticity within his futuristic vision means everything to him.

“In a collaboration, I seek the uniqueness of the artist commissioned for the work, without influencing their vision of the project in any way. This allows the artist to maintain their imprint on it, making the musical work original and authentic to the artist I collaborate with”.

“Collaborations through my label, The Innovation Studio Records, are closely linked to both emerging and established artists in the Hard Techno scene, to maintain a sound consistent with the label’s vision. The label exclusively offers high-quality, contemporary music that is original and unique”.

Looking ahead, Depas envisions The Sphere, his upcoming web radio project, as a melting pot for artists in Milan. This platform will provide a supportive environment for artists to express their art, focusing on high-quality techno music.

And speaking about the future, Depas has been creating something amazing for us, a full live immersive, multisensory experience. He is meticulously preparing for these performances, integrating 3D atmospheres and dystopian visuals. These shows, featuring unreleased tracks and original productions, differ from his studio work by offering a unique, interactive experience for the audience.

“I handle the creative direction in the 3D graphic field, which requires collaboration with other artists. Creating a graphic mood board in tune with my musical journey can take weeks of intense work”.

“Starting from the musical base, developed according to a main idea that will guide the performance, I ́m producing various graphic elements that will form the main structure of the live set, with which I will interact during the live performance. The visual elements presented to my audience are mainly tied to my dystopian visual imagery, closely related to the deep meaning of the tracks that I will perform”.

As Depas continues to evolve, he aims to establish a distinctive presence in the hard techno scene. Through continuous releases and innovative performances, he hopes to push the boundaries of techno music.

“I aspire to establish a unique and original figure within the international hard techno scene. This goal will be achieved through the constant release of new music on The Innovation Studio Records and other labels, collaborating with artists who share my musical genre, and continuously exploring the beauty of musical creation, bringing originality to the record market”.

“The Innovation Studio Records represents a new entity in the music landscape, and I hope to see it grow and consolidate over the years, becoming a structural and sonic reference point for emerging young talents who, like me, are entering the international market. At the same time, I wish it to become a sought-after platform for already established artists, eager to release high-quality music through my recording studio”.

“The “The Sphere” project stems from the need to create a reality within the Italian context, especially in the city of Milan, serving as a crossroads for artists eager to express their art. This platform, conceived as a large melting pot, aims to offer artists a protected and unified environment where they can feel part of a large family, with the common goal of promoting high-quality music, focusing on the techno genre”.

“After an intense year of studio work and having released numerous EPs and performed in various Italian locations, I am preparing to perform in Europe and, ideally, globally. I increasingly hope to convey to my audience my musical vision and my innate ability to evoke emotions through my live performances”.

With a futuristic vision and a deep connection to his musical roots, Maike Depas is poised to lead the next wave of techno artists, creating a legacy that resonates far beyond the dancefloors.

From the clubs of Milan to the pulsating heart of Berlin’s techno scene, Depas has turned personal struggles into a source of creative energy, using hard techno as his emotional outlet. His story is one of resilience and relentless passion, creating a deeply personal connection with his audience through his immersive performances and innovative tracks.

At The Innovation Studio, Depas’s artistic vision comes to life. Surrounded by vintage synthesizers and vinyl records, he crafts unique sounds that blend the warmth of analog with digital precision. His collaborations and projects, like The Sphere, showcase his commitment to fostering a supportive community for artists. This personal touch ensures that every piece of music he produces is not only a testament to his talent but also a reflection of his journey and the people who have influenced it.

Looking ahead, Maike Depas is set to continue pushing the boundaries of techno. His dedication to innovation, both in his studio work and live performances, promises to captivate audiences worldwide.

Depas’s ability to transform personal experiences into powerful, resonant music ensures that his influence in the techno scene will only grow, solidifying his place as a pioneering force in the genre.









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