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Get to know: Adassiya

  • Sergio Niño
  • 29 May 2024
Get to know: Adassiya

With her chart-topping hits like “Mektoub” and “By Myself,” Adassiya has become a household name in the realm of summer anthems, enchanting listeners with her signature blend of infectious rhythms and heart-felt lyrics. As the sun-kissed season approaches once again, We sat down with the enigmatic artist to delve into the depths of her creative process, the magic behind her music, and the dreams that drive her forward.

Adassiya’s journey from the mesmerizing beaches of Mykonos to the pulsating stages of London has been nothing short of extraordinary. With each track, she unveils a new layer of her musical enigma, drawing inspiration from her French Algerian heritage, personal experiences, and the vibrant mix of cultures that shape her sound.

At the core of Adassiya’s music lies a symphony of emotions, a testament to her ability to translate per sonal struggles and triumphs into soul-stirring me lodies. From the depths of heartbreak to the heights of euphoria, each track carries a piece of her story, inviting listeners to embark on a journey of self-disco very and transformation.

In this exclusive interview, Adassiya opens up about the creative process behind her summer hits, the challenges she’s faced as a female producer in a male-do minated industry, and the dreams that continue to fuel her artistic fire.

Adassiya, your track ‘Mektoub’ was a massive hit last summer, and now ‘By Myself’ seems to be gaining similar traction this year. What elements do you believe contribute to the success of your summer anthems? How do you ensure that each track stands out while still capturing the essence of the season?

“I’m often the first one surprised, you know?”, She laughs.

"When I’m creating music, I don’t consciously consider specific elements to ensure the track will be successful. I don’t believe I possess all the answers just yet. I simply tell my story, one way or another, and let the creative process flow naturally”.

‘By Myself’ carries a distinct vibe, both melodically and lyrically. Could you walk us through the creative process behind this track? How do you approach crafting the melody, and what inspired the lyrics? Additionally, how do you navigate the balance between creating something fresh and staying true to your signature style?

This song has a magical story behind it. I was having my residency at Scorpios, Mykonos with Chris IDH, and after an amazing day at the beach to unwind, we were in his car when he mentioned he had a cool instrumental track he wanted me to hear. As I listened, the topline started to flow through me, almost as if by magic I just started singing. We were both amazed."

“Then, I began to fine-tune the lyrics with one of my closest friends, Pierre Darmon. Surprisingly, the process was incredibly smooth. During this time, I was dealing with a broken heart, having recently ended a relationship. I felt the need to express my emotions and turn my pain into something meaningful. It was a form of therapy for me, a way to transform sadness into something golden”.

As a multifaceted artist, your approach to music creation is undoubtedly diverse. How do you manage the different aspects of your role in the studio?

“Having different strings to your bow is a real asset. I believe that approaching production as a singer adds a unique touch. I often hear melodies first. It’s said that ancient instrument construction aimed to mimic the voice. So, sometimes when I create, I’ll sing the bass line or envision it before playing. This was precisely the case with “Mektoub.” I woke up one day with a melody looping in my head. As I began producing around this idea in the studio, I realized that the sound I heard belonged to a trumpet player”.

“Lorenz came in to record my ideas, and from there, the piece took on a more Flamenco flair. Subsequently, I asked P. Rivas to record a topline that I had sent to him via the voice recorder"

In an industry where gender disparities persist, being a female producer and DJ undoubtedly comes with its challenges. What hurdles have you encountered along your journey, and how have these experiences shaped your perspective on gender representation in music? Furthermore, what steps do you believe are essential to fostering greater inclusivity and equality within the industry?

“You might find this strange, but for me, being a woman in this industry has never felt like a barrier. In the early stages of my career, I believe many people booked me simply because I was a woman, and that’s perfectly fine with me. The real challenge then becomes proving that while I may have initially been noticed for my gender, I deserve to be rebooked because I am genuinely talented and deserving of my place as a DJ and Producer”.

And how do you feel about the way the industry is moving forward?

“It’s encouraging to see more and more women entering the industry, and I take great pride in witnessing my female colleagues excel. As for changing mentalities, I don’t possess a definitive recipe. I’m not particularly fond of positive discrimination or the idea of women being booked solely for the sake of “gender parity.” The only control I have is over myself, and I strive to be as demanding as possible to truly earn every opportunity that comes my way”.

Could you highlight a few of your favorite locations to perform, and what sets them apart from the rest? How does the energy of the crowd or the atmosphere of the venue influence your performance?

“I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to perform in incredible venues, and I’m incredibly grateful for it. What’s interesting is that the most memorable moments from my tours don’t always occur in the biggest, most renowned venues. Some of my fondest memories can stem from intimate gatherings, like an after-party on a beach at sunset with just 30 people, or a sold-out show at a venue like KOKO in London where the audience is there to discover and appreciate new sounds”.

“To me, it’s all about the energy and the sense of sharing. Sometimes, inexplicably, the stars align, and magic happens. And in those moments, no one has control over the sheer beauty of it all”.

Your French Algerian heritage is a significant part of your identity, reflected even in your Berber tattoo. How do your cultural roots influence your music, both sonically and thematically? Are there specific elements of French Algerian culture that you intentionally incorporate into your work, and if so, how do you ensure that they resonate with a global audience?

“The tattoos on my face draw inspiration not only from Berber culture but also from various regions across North Africa. I follow in the footsteps of my grandmother (peace to her soul), who hailed from Tlemcen, Algeria, and adorned herself similarly. My deep connection to my roots, encompassing culture, spirituality, and more, profoundly influences my art. This influence manifests in my voice when I sing in Arabic or incorporate notes beyond the classical range, known as quarter tones. Additionally, it reflects in my choices of sounds, percussion, and more”.

“Despite growing up in France, where I was exposed to a plethora of oriental and pop-soul music, it’s truly the fusion of these diverse influences that shape my identity. I recall a moment when I first ventured into electronic music and began infusing it with oriental elements. My dad was initially apprehensive, fearing that such a blend might pigeonhole me into a specific style and limit my opportunities. However, upon witnessing videos of artists like Adam Port incorporating pieces by renowned figures such as Amr Diab, he felt a sense of joy and pride seeing the audience respond positively to Arabic music”.

Collaboration seems to be a cornerstone of your artistic approach. When selecting artists to collaborate with, what criteria do you consider? And what do you believe are the key ingredients for a successful musical partnership?

“My primary preferences for collaborations involve personal choices and/or musical “crushes.” I prefer the collaborative process to unfold naturally, driven by an initial desire to exchange artistic ideas and blend genres”.

“Lately, I’ve been exploring collaborations with artists whose styles differ significantly from my own. This diversity adds genuine richness to the creative output. For instance, my track “Lonely Night,” featuring Joakinn Luke and RA (MX), ventures into a techno universe, a departure from my usual work. Similarly, my collaboration with musician Ghenwa Nemnom, known for her downtempo style and organic sounds, represents another departure”.

“The key aspect in collaborations is knowing how to surround yourself with artists who have the same notion of sharing and not dictated by their ego because the goal of a collaboration is to get the best out of everyone to make a masterpiece”.

Inspiration can strike from various sources. What fuels your creativity when embarking on a new project? Are there particular experiences, emotions, or even external stimuli that consistently spark your imagination? How do you channel these inspirations into your music-making process?

“My first source of inspiration is the “mood” I’m in. I use my emotions a lot in my music which can be stimulated by various things: an unusual encounter, a long discussion, a heartbreak, a song, a movie, an art piece. There have been occasions when I’ve left a movie theater feeling so deeply engrossed in the narrative that upon returning home, I’ve immediately headed to the studio to translate those emotions into music."

“Here ́s an anecdote, my song “High” was inspired by an evening when I attended a DJ’s performance (whose identity I’ll keep secret, haha). I found him so sexy on stage and inhabited by his music that I felt possessed during his set. When I returned to the studio I wanted to use this tension to benefit my creativity”.

"I am a passionate and extremely sensitive person, the positive sides are that I am stimulated very quickly by the elements of life, but I am also very impatient, and when I start a song I want to finish it straight away”.

The melody in ‘By Myself’ is undeniably infectious, carrying listeners on a journey of euphoria. Could you elaborate on your approach to melody creation? How do you craft melodies that resonate with audiences on both a sonic and emotional level, and what emotions were you aiming to evoke specifically with this track?

“I don’t have a very specific method for working on my melodies. Sometimes I wake up with a tune playing on a loop in my head, sometimes I produce the instrumental first and then work on the top line. For “By Myself” my intention was really to be in total sincerity and to speak from the heart. “Don’t wanna be by myself, don’t wanna be alone” was truly a cry of despair rising deep within me at that time in my life. I needed this to come out!"

“I grew up listening to artists such as Brandy, Aaliyah, and Destiny’s Childs. The harmonies presented by myself made me think of the R&B music of the 90s. This is the effect I have with Chris IDH, we have a real musical connection and, the same background of references so when he makes me listen to something it speaks directly to my soul and the melodies arrive on their own. We also have another song together which will be released in a few months”.

Looking toward the future, what are your aspirations as an artist? Are there specific milestones or projects on the horizon that you’re particularly excited about? How do you envision your music evolving, and what legacy do you hope to leave within the industry and beyond?

“I love challenges and my next goal is to create a Live set. Today I am in a hybrid format and during my performances, I realise the impact on the crow when you do a live. Furthermore, my first experiences on stage were with a live band and I admit that I miss this approach to music a little. I feel like I return to the source. (Laughing) In addition, when I discovered electronic music I watched a lot of live sets on the YouTube channel “Le Cercle”.

“It’s part of one of my dreams one day to make a video with them so it motivates me twice more to go in the direction of life even if I know that it will require a lot of work. I don’t have a final “target” or ultimate goal in my career because I have the impression that when we plan a path, it closes the door to other possibilities that can be even more beautiful than what we imagined. I prefer to visualize plans and objectives for the next 2 years maximum, put the address in the GPS, and check the “done” box for each of the small steps taken”.

“The most important thing for me is to be constantly evolving. Whether professional or personal. So as long as I feel like I’m moving forward, all good. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a superstar, to be one of the legends in the music industry haha (that’s my Lio side) and then I quickly understood that I wanted to be on stage for another reason: sharing, offering a journey to the people that came to listen and explore”.