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Garden of dream festival 2024: a magical story in the heart of sarajevo

  • 26 June 2024
Garden of dream festival 2024: a magical story in the heart of sarajevo

Since 2016, Garden of Dreams is known for organizing unforgettable events in unique locations in Sarajevo, bringing a series of musical magicians and turning streets and historical places into dance floors for thousands of people who come from all over the world. With the efforts and dreams woven into the idea of the Garden of Dreams organization, Sarajevo has become the new epicenter of electronic music.

One of the key pillars of the Garden of Dreams organization is their Festival, which they have been organizing for the sixth year in a row, thus announcing the beginning of summer and summer fun. This year's three-day edition of the Festival brought back the magic and the best sound of today's electronic music to Sarajevo, bringing together global stars with local an regional talents at two unique locations in the heart of the city. With an impressive lineup, which included world-known DJs such as Mind Against, Reiner Zonneveld, Lehar and Rex The Dog, the Festival positioned itself as one of the most important musical events in the region.

"The idea we are led by is that Garden of Dreams always grows, the idea is that each of our events is better than the previous one, that each Festival is better than the previous one, that everything we do is better than what we did before. We are driven by dreams, from the very beginning until today, everything we have done, we have done because we dreamed, we wanted to have something that was according to our measure in Sarajevo. Now, we look at our YouTube channel and see that we really made a miracle," say the organizers and founders of the idea of Sarajevo's Garden of Dreams.

Photo credit: Adnan Lingo / @lingographer

Sarajevo's Garden of Dreams in all its glory

From June 7 to 9, the biggest and best edition of the Festival so far took place at 2 locations - the Dom Mladih (Youth Center) and the rooftop of the Svjetlost building. A total of 4 events, two during the day and two at night, marked the most anticipated Festival of the year. With a production that has not been seen before in the Dom Mladih, and a magical scene on the roof of the Svjetlost building, the best audio-visual equipment and lighting effects, a superb lineup, and a dream-like festival experience from the very beginning to the end, this three-day dance was unforgettable. The organization of this year's edition surpassed all the standards set so far and created magic that can only be found in Sarajevo's Garden of Dreams.

A three-day fairy tale and a dreamy dance

The host of the first night was the historic Dom Mladih (Youth Center). The world-famous DJ duo, Mind Against, visited Sarajevo for the first time and joined the list of legendary performances and events directed by the Garden of Dreams organization. Their unique sound echoed through the Youth Center, and the production and light and audio-visual show left everyone present breathless. From the animations to the kinetic balls swinging from the ceiling and working as if they were from some kind of a dream, every detail contributed to making this spectacle at an enviable level, which can be compared to world productions and festivals. The first night of the Festival was also marked by After Affair, Ilija Djoković and Novak.

The dance on the second day of the Festival started on the rooftop of the Svjetlost building, in the magical ambience of the location above the city streets. While the sun was setting on the horizon of Sarajevo, light reflections and visual elements created scenes that are hard to forget. It was especially emotional with the set led by Lehar, a world-famous DJ, well known to the Sarajevo audience. After a long absence, Lehar returned to the Garden of Dreams, and the energy he brought with him was incredible. Besides him, Runy, Goran Emkić and Doel made this transition from day to night unforgettable. In one word – magic.

After the magical sunset, the dance moved to the Youth Center, for the third event of this year's Festival. Without a doubt, we can say that this night will go down in history as one of those marked by the best sound of today's electronic scene and an unprecedented audio-visual spectacle in the Youth Center. Reinier Zonneveld led this night and gave the audience a spectacle that is difficult to describe in words. Incredible energy and atmosphere reigned in the Youth Center, and in addition to Reinier, regional stars Mladen Tomić, Forest People, and Lubnya also left their mark on the night.

This year's edition of the Festival closed with another unforgettable event on the rooftop of the Svjetlost building. This beautiful location, with a view of the sunset that only Sarajevo can offer, was the perfect dance floor to end the biggest Garden of Dreams Festival to date. Magic was brought to the garden of dreams by the world famous Rex the Dog, supported by Agustin Giri, Rajot, Luka Čikić and ME.N.U.

Summer in the Garden of Dreams

The electronic scene in Sarajevo would definitely not be the same without the Garden of Dreams organization. These dreamers, who do not sleep so they can turn their dreams into reality, created an organization that is now a cornerstone of the cultural landscape of the city and a symbol of the renaissance of the electronic scene in Sarajevo. Thanks to the entire team behind Garden of Dreams, what started as a platform to promote electronic music in Sarajevo has developed into a regional magnet for tourism and talent development, playing a key role in promoting Sarajevo as the perfect travel and dance destination. This Festival announced a summer that will surely be full of dreams led by the Garden of Dreams organization.

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