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Freekbass: Behind the scenes of "Freek machine"


  • 18 June 2024
Freekbass: Behind the scenes of "Freek machine"

Freekbass, an innovative force in the world of modern Funk and Electronic Music, shares insights into the creative process behind his track 'FREEK MACHINE'. Known for his original basslines and dynamic live performances, Freekbass has carved out a niche that blends the best of Funk, Dance, and Electronic Music, offering listeners compelling soundscapes of groovy energy with every fresh release. In this interview, he delves into his inspirations, production techniques, and creative approach, presenting a comprehensive look into the making of 'FREEK MACHINE' and what lies ahead in his musical journey.

Hi Freekbass! Congratulations on the release of 'FREEK MACHINE'. How are you feeling?

Hello! Very good, but very busy… which is very good!

To begin, tell us, what’s the reception and response been like for your new release, ‘FREEK MACHINE’?

It’s been super positive and inspiring from my community, friends, and fans. I’ve been releasing a single a month for almost the last year, and folks seem to like that timeline and having something new to listen to and groove to each month.

We’d love to know more about the behind-the-scenes of the production. Can you share the inspiration behind the track? What led you to create this specific production?

I always start with a basic beat and idea, created initially with my AKAI MPC One and a bassline I come up with. Next, I bring it to performance at my TikTok Lives at There I can use the audience & community as kind of a test for what hits and connects. 'FREEK MACHINE' was one of those songs that every time I would play it, the response would be very positive and folks in the chat would be asking about it.

How would you describe ‘FREEK MACHINE’ in 3 words?

Future Electro Funk.

Can you walk us through the production process of ‘FREEK MACHINE’? How did the track come together?

Once I get a basic groove through my AKAI MPC, I start adding other instruments. For the final production, I actually do the bass guitar last, almost thinking of that the way you might think of a singer. As well as the beat, I’ll fly in some samples into my MPC and start manipulating those. Next, it’s usually the Novation Bass Station 2 and the Roland Gaia, followed by some parts of my Fender Strat guitar.

Did you learn anything new while producing this track? Did you experiment with any new gear, plugins, or equipment whilst in the studio?

I have a pedal for my bass called the Future Impact which is limitless in its sonics. A lot of the layering, melodic sounds, which almost have a vintage synth sound, were created on that pedal. Also, an amazing company called Origin Effects recently sent over a pedal called the BassRig Super Vintage bass preamp that sounds just incredible and I’ve been using that when tracking bass.

‘FREEK MACHINE’ features bold vocal lines that carry the hook of the track and create infectious energy. How do you approach incorporating vocals into your tracks? Can you share any production techniques or processes that you like to use to ensure the vocal sits well within the mix?

I always add some reverb to the vocals to let them melt into the mix. I really like the sound of the ChromaVerb in Logic. I don’t go crazy on the amount, just enough so it is still present, but creates a vibe depending on what the vocal is doing. Sometimes a little compression for balance. For that main vocal in the track (Dancing like a FREEK MACHINE), I added a little bit more reverb than I normally would since it is almost a spoken word part, so it would sound a little bit more science fiction.

Can you tell us more about how you plan to perform ‘FREEK MACHINE’ live? What will your setup look like and is there a specific place you have in mind to play the track?

I perform live with my BOSS RC505 Loop Station. It’s an incredible unit that is almost like a combination loop pedal mixed with a DJ controller. I have the dominant parts that I created, loaded into the machine, and I can pull them in and out while I’m performing. That allows me to play my bass live, almost creating remixes on the fly. I’ve been using loop stations for a long time, and when this piece came out a few years ago, it was a game-changer for live performance.

What is your approach when it comes to crafting your signature guitar and basslines? Can you share how you created the different guitar layers in ‘FREEK MACHINE’?

I started as a drummer, so my approach to both bass and guitar lines always starts from a rhythmic perspective. I always say I’m a drummer who plays notes. There are multiple basslines happening in 'FREEK MACHINE'. Some that are creating the main groove along with the beat, and some (especially towards the end with the Future Impact pedal) that are creating more of a melodic theme along with the keys. I’m always trying to push what the bass can do and sound like. I’m very excited because Dingwall Guitars is currently making me a custom bass, which will give me a new template to work with as a producer because of both the sound of the bass itself and because of the Darkglass Electronics preamp that is in the bass.

To end, can you tell us about any more upcoming releases or projects you have planned next?

I will be doing a lot of touring next year, but right now I livestream 6 nights a week on my TikTok channel (@freekbass), which is a new show every night. I am also doing a collaboration with Soulhouse producer/DJ Jay Caruso from the UK. We have a super funky track coming out together soon. As I mentioned earlier, Dingwall is making me a custom “Freekbass” which will both sound and look very cool. Plus, I will continue to release a new single each month.

As we wrap up our conversation with Freekbass, it is clear that the unique sounds of 'FREEK MACHINE' come as a distinct credit to Freekbass’ own innovative approach and dedication towards distinguishing himself within Electronic Music. With plans for more releases, collaborations, and live performances, Freekbass continues to push the boundaries of modern Funk and Electronic Music, so stay tuned for what is next to come from this dynamic Artist, and be sure to catch his live streams and upcoming singles to experience more of his signature sound and infectious energy.

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