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Francis Mercier eams up with Emmanuel Jal for electrifying new single ‘Hustla’

  • Laura Liendo
  • 15 February 2024
Francis Mercier eams up with Emmanuel Jal for electrifying new single ‘Hustla’

Renowned DJ and producer Francis Mercier has joined forces with South Sudanese vocalist, author, and activist Emmanuel Jal for their latest single, ‘Hustla’. Scheduled for release via Diplo’s esteemed label, Higher Ground, this fresh production promises an enthralling listening experience, boasting a sound that is both innovative and distinctive in its sonic makeup.

‘Hustla’ marks an original creation by Mercier, strategically crafted to captivate genre enthusiasts worldwide. Infused with Mercier’s signature Afro House flair, the track adds a vibrant touch to his already impressive release portfolio. By incorporating diverse components from various cultural influences, Mercier once again places his dynamic sound in the limelight, presenting a refreshing and incomparable offering within the electronic music landscape.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the track, Mercier shares, “As a Haitian emigrant, it brings me great joy to once again release a proud and powerful production during Black History Month. In collaboration with South Sudanese vocalist, author, and activist, Emmanuel Jal, we together wrote and sang what it means to struggle, hustle, and survive in this incredibly vast and ever-challenging world.”

Emmanuel Jal’s contribution to ‘Hustla’ is undeniably impactful. With a significant presence in the music industry, coupled with his roles as an author and political activist, Jal’s influence resonates throughout the track. Boasting an impressive discography and collaborations with esteemed artists like Lauryn Hill and Peter Gabriel, Jal elevates ‘Hustla’ with his powerful vocals, injecting the song with an electrifying energy that is bound to leave a lasting impression.

From the outset, ‘Hustla’ showcases Jal’s captivating vocals, intertwined with a groovy rhythm section, potent bassline, and uplifting melodic leads. As the track unfolds, emotive spoken word segments guide listeners through dynamic elements and catchy background vocals, enriching the auditory experience with a serene yet dynamic allure. Bold and mighty, ‘Hustla’ invites listeners to immerse themselves in its intricately woven sonic layers, promising an unforgettable journey.

For the latest updates on Francis Mercier and Emmanuel Jal, be sure to follow them on social media. ‘Hustla’ is out now and available for streaming and download on all major platforms.

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