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Eric Redd

  • 13 March 2024
Eric Redd

If you take a look at the landscape of Electronic Music, you will see its vibrancy, diversity, and innovation; a genre inherently experimental and explorative, Electronic Music is home to a range of Artists whose creative expression sees them revolutionising the sounds of the genre, pushing its boundaries to lead it into fresh and exciting territories. Amongst these is the talented Songwriter, Vocalist, and Performer Eric Redd; with over four decades within the creative realm, Eric Redd appears as a true star whose distinct originality continues to set him apart from his contemporaries.

At the start, it was dancing that ignited Eric Redd’s creativity; after becoming a regular on the musical variety TV show Soul Train, he took to professional dancing, performing around the world as a ballet dancer and taking to the stage of London’s West End. From there, it was music that fuelled his passion, leading him to session playing and touring with Artists such as K.D. Lang, The Sara Lee Band, and Ani DiFranco. With such a wide range of experience, Eric now focuses his wealth of musical knowledge and expertise on developing his own signature sound, standing out within the world of Dance Music with his magnetic energy and unique style.

It is Redd’s seemingly effortless ability to deliver intoxicatingly vibrant live shows that marks him out within the genre; when he takes to the stage, the irresistible vibes and striking sound he offers consistently appear as nothing short of mesmerising. Having formed his band ‘The Movement’ in 2017, gaining a reputation as an original and unmissable act, it was surely only a matter of time before he was afforded the opportunity to play alongside top DJs. As he worked with VIP stars like Eddie Amador, Ralph Rosario, and Fenix, to name only a few, Eric Redd’s status within the world of Dance Music only continued to grow. Now one of the most sought-after acts on the circuit, lighting up stages with his rare blend of live instrumentation with technology-driven beats, Eric continues to make his mark, leaving a lasting impression with each live show.

His studio productions appear just as impressive as his performances; for example, his 2023 release, 'Life...With Subtitles' created a buzz across the music scene, landing him Grammy consideration in multiple categories. As he continues to showcase an artistic vision that appears limitless when it comes to his ability to create captivating, emotive, and energetic music, Eric Redd remains a top-tier talent within the genre and one deserving of the attention he keeps garnering.

With a varied musical journey, it is the love that Eric Redd has for music and his craft that consistently appears as the foundation of his creativity; rooted in his very essence appears an unwavering devotion to Electronic Dance music and the creation of joy in his listeners and audiences. So, one to keep watching closely, make sure to follow Eric Redd across social media to not miss any upcoming releases, live shows, or projects.

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